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Risk Management within Setting

Woodlands understands that there is no such thing as a risk-free environment.

The early stages of a child’s development are the most important, it’s during this time that children acquire core skills that will assist them throughout their schooling years and into adulthood. For this reason, the learning environment they’re in should nurture them, allowing them to grow in a safe space.

As Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) childcare providers, we understand and have taken on the responsibility to ensure that every child in our care is provided with that safe, learning environment. We do this by ensuring that the setting, both inside and out is as safe as can be.

Keeping children safe is highlighted throughout the EYFS Statutory Framework and is broken down into two sections for when risks and hazards should be assessed.

The Framework states that risks should be assessed:

  • For each type of outing

  • For outdoor and indoor spaces, furniture, toys, and equipment

Assessing Risk for Outings

The EYFS Statutory Framework states that all childcare providers/settings should complete a full risk assessment for each outing they undertake before embarking on it. The statutory framework is quite clear that it is good practice to conduct a full risk assessment for every age group, differing times of the day and weather conditions. The risk assessments will also cover the ratio of children to adults to ensure the trip is safe and all safety measures that we will be taking.

Assessing Risk on the Premises

It is good practice to complete a full risk assessment on the premises at least once a year, the risk assessments should also be reviewed should there be a incident or any changes are made. However, for areas that pose a greater risk (including the equipment), a termly review of the risk assessment will be carried out.

As a provider, woodlands will keep a record of the aspects that have been reviewed, when the assessment took place, and who performed it, this will also be recorded in writing. Woodlands see this as good practice and compliant with health and safety legislation.  

All risk assessments will have a hard copy stored in the office for all, visitors, staff and volunteers to have easy access.


Full copies of all our policies and risk assessments are available from the office on request. 

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