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Our curriculum is based on what we want the children to know/be able to do by the time they leave us:  be school ready



Reading Curriculum

At Woodlands we believe books, stories, songs and rhymes play a big part in a child’s development and spend time at each session singing or sharing stories in a large group or in small adult led groups.  We have a lending library that parents and children can borrow books from to read together at home. It is our hope that these will lead to a lifelong love of reading. 

Each week/2weeks we chose a book to base our activities around.  This gives the children the chance to act out, explore and revisit the story.  The book can be based on a current event (Chinese New Year), chosen by children or by staff.  Parents are informed of this so they can use the book at home should they wish.


At Woodlands we value each child as an individual and want them to be happy while they are with us.  The children are the centre of everything we do.  We really value –

  • Outdoor play

  • Children’s wellbeing and emotional development

  • Relationships with parents

  • Conversations with the children giving them time to talk with the staff and their peers






On leaving Woodlands our goal is for all children to be ready for their next step in their educational journey.

Since the COVID pandemic and subsequent lockdowns we are aware that many children will not have experienced social occasions and opportunities that others may have (Cultural Capital).  We therefore concentrate on the prime areas of the EYFS.  We feel these are key to accessing the rest of the curriculum so we prioritise the children becoming secure in these areas.

Liaising with the teachers from our feeder schools we have compiled the following list of “school readiness”:

  • Independent in dressing, toileting, lunch times etc

  • Transitioning through the day

  • Be able to recognise their name

  • Follow instructions

  • Be able to sit and listen

  • Be a happy and confident learner




We do the above by having a pre-school session with more structured, small group adult led activities.  We do a story/song time in small groups at every session.  During the course of each session staff will do differentiated activities alongside their interests to broaden all areas of their learning. 


Staff challenge and extend the children’s play and learning and use open ended questions to stimulate conversation.

We use British Values to teach the children:

  • to value other peoples views and feelings

  • to manage their own feelings

  • make relationships, to take turns, share and work together

  • learn respect for other faiths and cultures

  • the difference between right and wrong

  • to develop their self-esteem and confidence and to take risks



IMPACT – So What! 


What benefits does all of this have on the child?

Children leave us ready to begin the next step of their journey as a happy, confident learner.  Did it make a difference and what did they actually learn (seen through interactions and observations with the children on a daily basis). 

We regularly evaluate the impact of the curriculum and make any necessary adaptations.

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